When We Lose Everything: Job 1-2

By Shawn Tomlin

As I look at my kids, I see two of the most important things in my life. To imagine the death of one of them causes pain. I can’t imagine losing them. The first two chapters of one of my favorite books of the Bible, Job, tells of a man, a truly righteous man, who lost everything. All he had, wealth, children, and health, all gone. in this brief article we are going to look at how Job reacts to God’s decree. 

This decree of God’s does not make Him evil, He is using His creation (in this case, Satan) to carry out His Will for His purposes.

In chapter 1 we find out that Satan comes before God at the same time as the “sons of God” present themselves before God. These “sons of God”, in my opinion are men, not angels as some believe. The point I’m trying to make has nothing to do with who these “sons of God” were, so we will keep moving. Basically, Satan said to God, if you take away all that he has, Job will curse You. So God does something people, believers and unbelievers, have a hard time understanding. He allows Satan to take away Job’s wealth and children. Let’s remember, Job, or no one, is aware of this conversation between God and Satan. This decree of God’s does not make Him evil, He is using His creation (in this case, Satan) to carry out His Will for His purposes. Also, Job is called “blameless” before God. The LORD clearly favored him, and would keep Job preserved so nothing would happen to him. Lastly, Satan was given limits, and followed those limitations, showing God’s Sovereignty over all His creation.

In chapter 2, a nearly identical conversation takes place between God and Satan. This time Satan is allowed to attack Job’s health. Job, again unaware of God’s interaction with Satan, is covered with boils from head to toe. This once wealthy man has been reduced to a poor, sickly and childless shell of his former self. 

In chapter 1, Job reacts to the news of his children and his wealth by tearing his robe, shaving his head, and falling to the ground in worship. Think about that. Then he says, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return there. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.” In all his pain, Job didn’t lose sight of who was in control of it all. In the midst of his suffering, he fell in worship. In the pain of losing his children and wealth, his response was not indignation towards God, rather, Job’s response glorified God. 

When Job lost his health, his wife (the only person left to him) told him to “curse God and die.” That was exactly what Satan wanted. Job didn’t though, he said “shall we accept good from God and not accept adversity?” Job, deep down, understood that God’s Will, whether whether good or bad (from our perspective) is just that, God’s Will. As believers we must accept that. 

As we suffer through this life, let us remember that we have a God who is no stranger to emotional and physical pain. Christ endured both on the cross for us. So let us put our faith in Him who suffered on our behalf, Jesus Christ. 

Lee Jones