Be Silent

By Shawn Tomlin

“And Moses said, ‘Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again. The LORD will fight for you, and you have not to be silent.,’”.  -Exodus14:13-14

Moses has to put God’s people in their place because they seemed to be blaming Moses for the predicament they had found themselves in. They see the Egyptians drawing near to them in pursuit. How quickly they lost sight of who really led them from Egypt, none other than the LORD. We can tell ourselves that we would never do such a thing, but we are no different than Israel. We lose sight of the salvation that God has worked for us, and for that we must repent, and turn and set our eyes on the salvation given to us in Christ.

We lose sight of the salvation that God has worked for us...

Another point to realize here is that Israel was absolutely terrified and helpless. They could do nothing to help themselves. The only thing they could do was stand firm and rely on the LORD. This isn’t an allegory for our lives, this was an actual historic event with real people involved. We can see though that God was in control of it all. His Will was accomplished.  So when we experience something that leaves us helpless, we need to do as Israel did, rely on the LORD, and know that His Will will be accomplished. If we are chosen in Christ, He will keep us and preserve the remnant He has given to His Son.

Now read verses 13 and 14 one more time... What just happened?! Did Moses say that Israel need only to stand firm, and be silent, and passively receive the salvation of the LORD? Yes, God will deliver His chosen people from bondage. The Israelites have no choice in the matter. God chose them and God delivered them. Israel didn’t have to choose God or decide anything, no, God chose them. So we, as God’s chosen and adopted children, we are passive in our deliverance from our bondage to sin. As I said earlier, this is not allegory to teach a lesson, but as God delivered Israel from their bondage in Egypt, we are delivered from our bondage to sin. God elected us unto salvation before the foundations for the world, and when it comes to being justified, we are to “be silent, for the LORD will fight for you...”

I’m not saying “be silent” as if you don’t have to preach the gospel, for Christ commanded us to do so, but to be silent, not giving Jesus permission to come into your heart, be silent and know that God works salvation, not us. We must remember also that while we are passive in our justification, we are active in our lives as God sanctifies us and gives us the desire to live godly lives, full of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This process of being sanctified will only be finished upon our death. Until then we deal with the corruption of sin in our lives.

Let us remember that our salvation was born as a child, grew, lived a perfect life under the Law, allowed himself to be crucified to serve as the perfect sacrifice for sin, so that in His resurrection we have hope and assurance of eternal life in Him, Jesus Christ.

Lee Jones